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The Make of the Man

Kalichi was born in Yonkers, New York in 1950. He was deeply influenced by the spirit and politics of the 1960ís. In 1978 he took a one way ticket to Ireland and has been a resident there ever since.

" I left America, having spent the previous eight years as an anti-war activist. As a young man of seventeen in 1967, I remember marching in my first peace rally in New York City. Those events and times changed the direction of my life."

 While living in Ireland, Kalichi has worked in performance contexts, education, prison, health, and religious institutions. He directed and performed in six original dance plays with Liberation Dance Workshop, which he formed in Dublin in 1979. He has also been teaching Tai Chi for 30 years and is the author of Dance, Words & Soul.

Kalichiís integrated approach to working with dance, music and writing has received numerous awards from the Arts Council of Ireland. He is currently completing a book on the philosophy and practice of Liberation Dance  Workshop.

The Make of the Man